Calming pairing

This month, The Beer Yogis, teaching duo Melissa Klimo-Major and Mikki Trowbridge, are returning for the third and final tour of 2017. The Beer Yogi Road Trip is a collaborative effort to unite beer yogis and breweries from coast to coast. The tour kicked off Oct. 9 in Portland, Ore., at Ecliptic Brewing and closes Oct. 17 at SunUp Brewing in Phoenix. “Our mission is simple but strong — we create yoga experiences for everybody and every body. We celebrate all levels of yogi, we honor all styles of beer, and there’s an accessibility in our instruction and how we approach our events,” Klimo-Major said in a statement. “We recognize the parallels of these two inspired industries — yoga and brewing — and we craft balance by pairing them.”


Reaching women

Lime-A-Rita announced that it will be the official sponsor of the NFL for the first time. The activation will allow the brand to celebrate the NFL’s female fans through larger team integrations featuring a variety of ready-to-drink Margaritas. “The NFL has been making a lot of positive changes to highlight and speak to female fans,” said Chelsea Phillips, vice president of brand marketing for Lime-A-Rita, in a statement. “We are excited for Lime-A-Rita to be a brand that can support these efforts and bring even more fun to our consumers’ favorite sport.”


Break through the busy

In an effort to combat the busy state of consumers’ lives, Canada Dry launched its Busy is a Four-Letter Word campaign to encourage consumers to move past their busy work and social schedules to maximize their relaxation, it says. The brand partnered with linguist and language creator David J. Paterson to further understand how the word “busy” evolved and why society uses it as a badge of honor — also known as “busy bragging.” To illustrate the impact of busyness on people’s lives, the brand launched a video that shows the polarizing effect of the word and also developed a quiz to tell consumers what kind of busy they are while inspiring positive change in routine, it adds.


Encouraging discovery

Sanpellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages announced the relaunch of its interactive app: Delightways. The app encourages users to rediscover the joy of wandering through the creation of unique paths designed for discovery in U.S. cities, the company says. Originally launched in 2016 in 10 major cities, the enhanced app now features dynamic mapping function in Los Angeles and a selection of featured neighborhood guides by celebrated lifestyle influencers in New York City and Los Angeles. With the introduction of this year’s influencer paths, users can access insider guides charting inspiring routes in city neighborhoods, including Brooklyn and West Hollywood. “The Delightways relaunch offers a range of exciting enhancements and increased capabilities from coast to coast, with fun new ways to engage across social and mobile platforms,” said Katie Schiavone, senior brand manager, in a statement. “This year, we looked to notable influencers, offering fresh personalized perspectives of their cities and inspiring their fans to explore the unique app experience.”


Ready for winter

Heading into winter, Mountain Dew announced that professional snowboarder Julia “Jules” Marino is joining its roster of professional snowboarding athletes. Hailing from Westport, Conn., Marino caught the attention of the global snowboarding community at the X Games Aspen and Mountain Dew-sponsored X Games Norway this past year, the company says. “Jules has already built an impressive career in just one year, and we cannot wait to see her continue to succeed, said Chauncey Hamlett, senior director of marketing at Mountain Dew, in a statement. “She is an outstanding snowboarder and her pursuit to push limits only strengthens our core value of raising the bar for snowboarders globally. Jules’ technical high-flying style is the perfect fit to round out the team with veteran style rider Danny Davis and popular up-and-comer Red Gerard.”


A special mixing water

Adding water to whiskey and bourbon is a time-honored tradition, but the type of water used when mixing a whiskey-and-water drink can make a difference in taste and quality, according to Old Limestone Mixing Water Co-founder Doug Keeney. “In the old days, people would dip a pitcher in a creek and add this water to their bourbon. In Kentucky, a creek is called a branch — it branches off the aquifer — and that’s where the term ‘bourbon and branch,’ or bourbon and water, comes from,” Keeney said in a statement. Bottled at the source 130 feet below ground, the 100 percent limestone-filtered spring water diminishes the “alcohol burn” of 80-proof bourbon while opening up the flavor and aroma and enhancing the mouthfeel, he adds. Old Limestone Mixing Water has participated in taste-testings in Illinois, Kentucky, Colorado, California, New York and Michigan, scoring 99 percent across the board on “superior taste to ordinary water,” it says.


Unlikely pairing

Misadventure Vodka Co. is making national headlines by creating vodka from surplus baked goods. In an attempt to solve the food waste problem, agricultural economist Samuel Chereskin partnered with artist and bartender Whit Rigali to create a smooth, sip-able vodka that is entirely made with raw materials from the local food bank. “We want to elevate the status of vodka to a spirit whose merits can be enjoyed on its own and elevate the issue of food waste to something people can fight with fun,” Chereskin said in a statement. “We believe in hedonistic sustainability — the idea that you don’t have to sacrifice to do good to the world. Misadventure Vodka is the perfect embodiment of this idea.” Misadventure also utilizes pot distilling and carbon filtration in order to eliminate less desired fermentation compounds such as acetone, the company says.


A special wand

New in the marketplace, The Wand by Pure Wine helps consumers savor wine without hangover effects. The product absorbs 95 percent of the histamines and sulfite preservatives from a glass of wine, helping to alleviate unfavorable reactions such as headaches, congestion, and skin reactions and rashes, the company says. Developed by David Meadows, a biomedical researcher, The Wand uses advanced nano-pore beads sealed inside a BPA-free pouch to remove allergens. It also aerates the wine and maximizes its full flavor potential, the company says.