GameTime Hydration Inc., the New York-based parent company of GameTime Sports Drink, announced the launch of a line of alkaline water sports drinks. The initial line includes an alkaline water and three flavored drinks — Punch, Lime and Mango — that have been infused with minerals and vitamins for a crisp, clean taste, the company says.

GameTime Hydration was originally founded in 2004 by former college basketball player Norman Simmons, who was inspired to create a healthier energy drink, it says. He subsequently teamed up with Tandrin Coleman to develop GameTime Hydration. The products contain alkaline water, electrolytes, vitamins and 5 grams of sugar in each serving. Available in single-serve, 20-ounce bottles and a special-edition 32-ounce dumb-bell shaped bottle, the drinks can be found in select stores such as Whole Foods Market.

GameTime Sports Drinks are endorsed by such athletes as Kayvon Webster of the Denver Broncos, professional boxer Roy Jones, Jr. and Joakim Noah of the New York Knicks, among others.

The line brings a unique branding difference with its special dumb-bell shaped bottle design that was developed for brand recognition as well as inspiration to the targeted demographic, it says.

"Our drinks deliver a superior product in a fun, innovative way with quality packaging in mind. We made significant efforts to introduce our drinks to the market with aseptic bottling technology as well as a hint of fun for our consumers. This is the new sports drink for the new generation of athletes," Simmons said in a statement.

The drinks are designed for the health-conscious athletes and students, with the millennial and iGeneration in mind, the company says. The formula was developed by the team at GameTime Hydration focuses on strengthening the immune system as well as providing the consumer with the ultimate in hydration and energy, it adds.