San Francisco-based hint Inc. announced its new hint water for kids. Available in four fruit flavors — Watermelon, Cherry, Blackberry and Apple — the new line is packaged in 200-ml Tetra cartons. Hint waters are non-GMO certified and WHOLE30 approved. They are vegan, and contain no MSG, nuts, soy or gluten. Like all hint waters, the kids’ version is free from juice, sugar, diet sweeteners, colors, calories and preservatives, the company says.

“We want to help the whole family lead healthier lives,” said Kara Goldin, founder and chief executive officer of hint, in a statement. “I love the idea that we have something for children that helps them fall in love with water at an early age. That’s the real inspiration. And we had so much fun creating this special treat just for kids that they can carry around, throw in their lunchbox and enjoy throughout the day. We didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, we took our top three flavors that made us No. 1, plus a special variety of apple we had been saving just for the kids and we reimagined and redesigned the packaging and wow, I wish we had had this when my kids were super young.”

In addition to selling in stores and online at and, Goldin is working with top legislators in Congress to make room in school snack and lunch programs for unsweetened flavored water. “That’s an important dream.” Goldin added. “More and more these days being an entrepreneur means being an advocate for the consumer. I’m thinking about health first, getting laser focused on what’s going into our bodies and then creating enjoyable products that make us feel good about the decisions we make every day.”

Hint water for kids is available at, and soon at Costco and grocery and specialty stores nationwide, the company says.