It’s no secret that bottled water is one of the hottest beverage trends in the market. Market research firms have touted its growing market share and campaigns like first lady Michelle Obama’s Drink Up initiative is encouraging consumers to turn to the zero-calorie option.

With trends like this, it’s not surprising that a bottled water brand emerged as the September Readers’ Choice New Product of the Month poll. 1907 Water, NZ Ltd.’s same-named alkalized artisan water, earned 23 percent of the vote to win the online poll. The product launched nationwide in The Fresh Market locations throughout the United States in 2-liter, 1-liter and 500-ml sizes.

Also intriguing readers was Loft Tea Inc.’sline of cannabidiol infused teas, which received 17 percent of the votes.

Rounding out the Top 5 were Blessing Birdnest (16 percent), Santa Cristina 2014 Pinot Gregio delle Venezie (8 percent) and Santera tequila (7 percent).

With so many interesting new beverages hitting the market, don’t forget to visit Nov. 6-20 to vote for your favorite new product for the month of October.