What beer drinkers want 

New data from the “Preferred Way to Drink Beer” report released by Civic Science in March reveals how the majority of beer drinkers want their brew. The Draft Drinker is most likely to be a male, 25-44 years old, educated with a secondary degree, earning more than $75,000 annually and a homeowner, according to the online polling company. The Bottle Drinker is more likely to be a woman between 35-54 years old, educated with some college, a parent, a homeowner who earns between $25,000 and $75,000 a year, the report states. Lastly, the Can Fan is a male between 45-54 years old (24 percent) or 65 and older (19 percent). This group is less educated with 57 percent having a high school diploma/GED or some college with no degree and an earning range between less than $25,000 and $50,000 annually.


‘Kinda Out There’  

Brisk and Mishka, a Brooklyn-based lifestyle brand, announced a limited-edition collection of apparel. The collaboration is part of Brisk’s “Kinda Out There” campaign, which highlights artist-created characters that appear on each can of Brisk. The characters were the inspiration for the Brisk X Mishka designs, which fuse the original Brisk can art with the Japanese anime-type stylings of street artist L’Amour Supreme. “Brisk has long been a believer in self-expression and innovation through our packaging design, and we are now excited to extend the reach of our art through a partnership with Mishka,” said Kathy Kennedy, marketing director for Brisk, in a statement. “The Brisk X Mishka collection is an opportunity for us to connect to our core target in a way that is relevant and memorable to them — ultimately, kinda out there.” The limited edition collection, which retail for $32 to $92, is available on MishkaNYC/Brisk.com. Consumers are encouraged to FIND the characters, SNAP a photo and TAG their photo on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtags #ThatsBriskBaby and #Entry for a chance to win exclusive Brisk X Mishka gear.


Whiskey carries most momentum  

 Although three of the top five fastest-growing spirit brands are vodkas, whiskey is the category with the most momentum, according to the 2015 SpiritsTAB Report from Technomic. Straight American whiskeys are expected to grow by 1.1 million cases in 2015, powered by the increased appeal of bourbon, Tennessee whiskey and rye. Cordials and liqueurs also are projected to gain 1.1 million cases, with much of the growth coming from the whiskey-flavored segment, according to the market research firm. “Two-fifths (40 percent) of consumers report ordering American whiskey in restaurants and bars at least once a month, said Donna Hood Crecca, Technomic’s senior director, in a statement. “The whiskey craze has morphed into a strong trend that’s unlikely to falter any time soon.” 


One-of-a-kind memories

Summer is here, and PepsiCo is making it memorable by delivering one-of-a-kind fan experiences to some of the hottest music and sporting events, restaurants and travel destinations. The brand announced that continuing through the summer, Pepsi is rewarding fans with the opportunity to win tickets to their choice of thousands of concerts. Additionally, fans will have the chance to access unique music experiences through Pepsi’s new loyalty program and app, Pepsi Pass. Pepsi Pass allows consumers to earn points by entering and scanning codes on select Pepsi single serve products. By downloading and signing up for Pepsi Pass, consumers can enter for a chance at hourly ticket prizing or access a universe of prizes including trips to this summer’s top music festivals and concerts, a VIP experience during MLB All-Star Week in Cincinnati and dining credit with a range of Pepsi partner restaurants.


For your original

On Father’s Day, Miller Lite, a brand of MillerCoors, brought the authentic taste of Mexico to open-air markets in San Antonio and Grand Prairie in Dallas County. Two complimentary Taquizas took place at Traders Village in each respective city, and consumers of legal drinking age were invited to bring their “original,” in this case their fathers. During Miller Lite’s Father’s Day Taquiza, consumers also had a chance to check out live entertainment and attractions in and around both Taquiza locations. In San Antonio, the Taquiza coincided with the fifth Annual Dia de los Daddys Car Show, showcasing vintage and custom automobiles. In Grand Prairie, dads had the opportunity to experience a live performance by a local mariachi band and consumers were given a chance to dedicate songs to their “originals.”


Tainted corks?

You don’t have to be a wine expert to know when you’ve uncorked a bad bottle. What you might not know is that notorious “wet dog” smell has nothing to do with the wine itself — it’s likely the result of chemicals transmitted to the wine by a tainted cork. Research indicates as many as four out of 10 bottles of wine are ruined by tainted corks with global losses of more than $10 billion annually according to researchers at the University of Houston Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, who recently devised a way to eliminate tainted corks. Hilton College Lecturer Aaron Corsi and Associate Professor Jay Neal say that tainted wines can be eliminated by cork producers if they sterilize their products using electron-beam irradiation. E-beam irradiation, which uses high-energy electrons to destroy pathogenic microorganisms, mold and spoilage bacteria, already has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use on food products.


Untamed ride

Bacardi U.S.A. Inc. kicked off the Untameable Tour at the Governors Ball in New York City. The Bacardi Untameable Tour will combine the latest beats with killer cocktails to ignite the most passionate music fans in bars, at music festivals and at the after-parties, the company says. The Bacardi bus will make stops at the hottest festivals, coolest party scenes and notable musical landmarks, and the company will give fellow irrepressible spirits the opportunity to come along for the ride of a lifetime, the brand says. 


Superhero joe

Being a Super Hero is not easy, as it takes a lot of energy and stamina — much like getting through a regular day for non-super heroes. So, White Coffee Corp. announced its latest major collaboration with Marvel Entertainment, creating single-serve Marvel Comics Coffee and Marvel’s Avengers Hot Chocolate options. The Marvel Comics Coffee line consists of four single-serve varieties, featuring Marvel’s Super Heroes’ likenesses splashed, in bold colors, across each 10-count box including: Iron Man’s “Stark French Roast,” Spider-Man’s “Daily Bugle Breakfast Blend,” Captain America’s “Shield Hazelnut” and the Incredible Hulk’s “Gamma Espresso Roast.” Marvel Comic Coffee and Marvel’s Avengers Hot Chocolate will be available in retail outlets nationwide later this year. The cups produced will be 2.0 compatible, for use with the Keurig system and similar coffeemakers.