Even though summer is my favorite season, the downside to this time of year is that my favorite TV shows are on summer break. To fill this void in viewers’ lives, beverage companies have released drinks inspired by popular TV shows to at least give them a taste of the action.

Last spring, Southfork Bottling Co. teamed up with Warner Bros. Entertainment to release J.R. Ewing Bourbon. The 4-year-old, 80-proof bourbon is a nod to the infamous Texas tycoon that everyone loved to hate on “Dallas.” Like J.R.’s bourbon barware on the show, this bourbon bottle bears his signature but also features a picture of Southfork Ranch. Originally available in 14 states across the South and Midwest, the company plans to expand distribution to the East and West during June and July and internationally by the end of the year, it says.

Craft beer companies also are helping consumers raise a glass to their favorite TV shows. Dock Street Brewery in Philadelphia launched Dock Street Walker American Pale Stout just in time for the season four finale of “The Walking Dead” on March 30. The blood-red beer featured smoked goat brains, which gave the beer “intriguing, subtle smoke notes,” the company says. Although the brewing company quickly depleted its supply, it’s planning to brew a new batch for the fall, according to a spokesperson.

One day after Dock Street Walker’s release, Brewery Ommegang released the third beer in its “Game of Thrones” collection: Fire and Blood. The dark red ale was inspired by Daenerys Targaryen’s three dragons, which are featured on the beer’s three different labels. 

 Products like these present a unique opportunity to carry a beverage company’s name to the forefront of consumer exposure. It’ll be interesting to see what other companies take advantage of this as the fall TV season approaches.