Ilko Coffee International, a global joint venture between Illycaffé and The Coca-Cola Co., added two new ready-to-drink coffee-based beverages to its Illy Issimo line: Caffé No Sugar and Mochaccino. Illy Issimo Caffé No Sugar offers consumers an RTD no sugar coffee variety without milk, while Illy Issimo Mochaccino combines coffee with Domori Cocoa. The new varieties were created for discerning coffee aficionados who want products with deep coffee taste, lower calories, natural ingredients and an Italian pedigree, the brand says. Illy Issimo Caffé No Sugar contains 15 calories in each 6.8-ounce can. At 100 calories in each 8.45-ounce can, Illy Issimo Mochaccino is inspired by the Italian tradition of drinking espresso with a piece of chocolate. Both varieties are sold in individual cans for $2.39 or in four-packs for $6.99. 

Ilko Coffee International, Milan, Italy
Distribution: National