Seagram's 7 Crown, a brand of Diageo North America, New York, is toasting timeless American staples with an icon in America – the 7&7— with the launch of its new ad campaign, Timeless Taste.

The 1970s: the decade that marked when Seagram's 7 Crown cemented its status as a classic in America — from dive bars to its own iconic 7&7 drink, and the advertisements that captured it all. Now, the brand is giving those beloved ads a modern take while honoring the spirit of the era, reminding fans everywhere that great taste is timeless, it says.

As part of the Timeless Taste Campaign, the brand is reimagining some of its best ads from the past that celebrate the longstanding appeal of quintessential pastimes like BBQ, tailgating and more. Throughout the summer and the rest of the year, these spots will roll out across digital and social media to coincide with the seasonality of these key occasions.

“We're thrilled to revisit some of our most iconic ads and bring a fresh perspective to them,” said Hannah Todd, brand director at Seagram's 7 Crown, in a statement. “The 1970s were a pivotal decade for Seagram's 7 Crown, a time when the brand truly shined with the timeless appeal of the 7&7. By modernizing the moments of these advertisements, we're not only paying homage to a special era but also celebrating the enduring legacy of great taste that continues to resonate with our audience today.”

At a suggested retail price of $13.99 for a 750-ml bottle, Seagram's 7 Crown is available nationwide. Store locators and drink recipes like the signature 7&7 can be found by visiting