Poppi, Austin, Texas, announced the launch of its summer consumer campaign: Soda’s Back. With this national campaign, poppi is taking its digital marketing success and bringing the excitement to multiple touch points across the country, unveiling the brand’s largest and most impactful consumer-centric effort yet, it notes. 

This campaign is a full-spectrum experience, integrating digital screens, social media platforms, and U.S. cities, that allows poppi’s presence to be felt across various channels, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive journey for consumers. Poppi has achieved success due to its flavorful profiles and functional ingredients, becoming an Amazon best-seller and hitting massive growth, 611% year-over-year in retailers like Target, according to the company.

Poppi’s Soda's Back campaign is the brand’s first true 360 marketing initiative, encompassing digital screens, social media, and out-of-home across major U.S. cities such as New York City, The Hamptons, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Austin. With the brand’s signature bright-hued vibrant digital ads, bikes, captivating billboards, and major TV streaming videos, poppi delivers the message: their delicious combination of flavor, low sugar, real ingredients, and gut-friendly prebiotics allows consumers to love soda again, it says. Beyond product promotion, this campaign celebrates poppi’s consumers and creators, acknowledging their role in the brand’s success. It’s a complete and compelling experience, inviting everyone to rediscover the joy of soda with poppi’s healthy twist.

Poppi is a leader in the functional soda category, a subset of the larger $39 billion U.S. soda category. Poppi combines real fruit, prebiotics, and less than 5 grams of sugar and 25 calories or less to create a soda that improves gut health.

Poppi’s digital media campaigns have been instrumental in igniting conversations around gut health and the next generation of soda on popular platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The brand's #drinkpoppi hashtag has garnered a staggering 1 billion views on TikTok, firmly establishing the poppi brand as a trendsetter and influencer favorite. The Soda's Back campaign leverages this digital success and brings it to life across multiple touchpoints, showcasing a mix of top content creators, rave reviews, poppi-focused content, and genuine consumer fan feedback. 

Viewers will see real Tweets like: “Baffled @drinkpoppi takes just like soda,” “True Life: I’m addicted to @drinkpoppi,” “@drinkpoppi is that girl. I’m completely obsessed.” It’s an invitation for consumers to join the movement and rediscover the joy of soda through poppi's gut-friendly twist. Some of the notable influencers for the Soda’s Back campaign include Ken Eurich, Mada, and Drumaq, who each bring their personal passion for poppi to their followers and now to the streets. The impact of bringing this social media-starred story to the nation’s largest cities sets a new standard for influencer-driven brand campaigns, establishing a modern narrative that poppi wholeheartedly stands by, the company says.

“This summer, we are thrilled to launch the Soda’s Back campaign, which marks a significant milestone for poppi as a true 360 marketing campaign that’s reshaping the narrative around soda,” said Allison Ellsworth, chief brand officer and co-founder of poppi, in a statement. “We are taking our marketing efforts to new heights by expanding our presence through extensive out-of-home advertising, major streaming TV partnerships, and immersive experiential activations. 

“But it’s not just about the channels we’re utilizing; it’s about how we are highlighting our consumers and content creators,” Ellsworth continues. “Soda’s Back celebrates their voices, their love for poppi, and their passion for a better-for-you alternative. We are proud to showcase their authentic experiences and stories, as they play a central role in shaping the campaign. This is more than a marketing campaign; it’s a movement that empowers consumers to embrace a soda that aligns with their values and desires.”

Above and beyond the national digital marketing and captivating advertisements across major cities, the Soda’s Back campaign will encompass an extensive influencer network reaching over 5 billion, a merchandise launch, more than 3,500 summer displays, an estimated 50 million social media impressions, and engaging consumer events reaching over 500,000 individuals.