NBPure, in partnership with influencer, bestselling author and mom Andrea Hannemann, announced the launch of Earthy Andy Hawaiian Hydration.

Hannemann, also known as Earthy Andy, is passionate about maintaining her family’s health and wellness, the company says.

“We love partnering with Earthy Andy because pure, natural, family-friendly ingredients are as important to her as they are to us,” said Danna Pratte, founder and CEO of NBPure, in a statement. “Our new Hawaiian Hydration electrolyte drink mix is pure and good for you, and it tastes amazing thanks to the natural whole food flavors we mix in.”

Hannemann added: “As an active family, we’re always trying to keep our kids healthy and hydrated. That’s why I created a healthy, delicious thirst-quenching hydration elixir to add to their water. Hawaiian Hydration is truly amazing. It’s good for the gut and has all the important electrolytes and none of the bad stuff.”

Hawaiian Hydration contains a balance of five key electrolytes: calcium, magnesium, chloride, sodium, and potassium, the company says. The calcium and magnesium are chelated with essential amino acids for easy absorption by the body, it notes. Hawaiian Hydration also contains prebiotic inulin from organic agave, which helps fuel a healthy gut, it adds.

A clean, gut-nourishing, family-friendly, electrolyte hydration drink mix, Earthy Andy Hawaiian Hydration is made with natural ingredients and contains no sugar or artificial flavors, dyes or sweeteners, the company says. It’s vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and cruelty-free, it adds.

Hawaiian Hydration is the latest addition to an existing NBPure Earthy Andy line, including Plant Powered Protein, Superfood Paradise, and Methyl B-12 Lava Flow.

Hawaiian Hydration is available to purchase for $39.95 by visiting NBPure’s website.