POSSIBLE, a leader in innovative health solutions, announced the release of its newest product: Whole Food Electrolyte powder. 

POSSIBLE Whole Food Electrolyte delivers a balanced mix of essential electrolyte minerals, including chloride, sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium, the company says. Designed to be mixed with water, it aids the body in regulating temperature and maintaining a healthy fluid balance, it adds.

Central to all of the products are ingredients grown on POSSIBLE’s certified organic farm. Atriplex, known as nature’s “natural electrolyte,” is a salt accumulator thriving in high salt soils, the company notes. A rich, plant-based source of naturally occurring minerals, it is a potent plant source of sodium, chloride, chromium, magnesium and molybdenum, it says. The farm-grown barley grass, a source of potassium, acts as another essential electrolyte, contributing to the overall balance, it adds.

“This product is not just about hydration. It’s a holistic solution crafted to nourish the body and redefine standards for hydration support products,” said Jim Schuh, director of eCommerce and digital marketing at POSSIBLE, in a statement. “POSSIBLE takes pride in providing a pure, whole-food-based alternative, prioritizing function without compromise. We believe this marks a new era in wellness, where clean hydration meets the demands of a dynamic lifestyle. Our commitment to pioneering products and sustainable practices is evident in every pack, making POSSIBLE Whole Food Electrolyte a true game-changer in the market.”

Available in a powder format, packaged in a bag containing 20 stick packs, POSSIBLE Whole Food Electrolyte can be purchased online for a suggested retail price of $45 at Amazon or by visiting the company’s website.