Rancho La Gloria is launching limited-edition Day of the Dead inspired labels. The brand’s best-selling Lime and Strawberry ready-to-drink (RTD) Margaritas will showcase the new design in 1.5-liter bottles. 

“Day of the Dead is a holiday we feel is important for us to recognize and embrace with our customers through these limited-edition bottles,” said Joey Parris, chief marketing officer at Patco brands, in a statement. “Through this exclusive drop, we hope to shine a light on the rich traditions and history of this holiday. We want to create a moment for our customers to connect with loved ones and celebrate together through our Margaritas.”

Rancho La Gloria RTD Lime Margarita pays homage to the original craft cocktail recipe, with the mission to remove barriers to consumption where craft meets convenience, it says. The RTD Strawberry Margarita is crafted with fresh lime, ripe strawberry juice and agave wine.

Rancho La Gloria’s Day of the Dead bottles can be found in retailers across the country including Walmart, Target and Kroger for $15.99.