Sweegen announced that its Bestevia Rebaudiosides M (Reb M), D, and E have received full authorization from the Taiwan FDA for use in food and beverages. This recent regulatory approval marks another milestone in Sweegen successfully opening new markets in countries where brands seek new generation stevia ingredients, it says. In addition to those critical regulatory approvals, Sweegen now offers its food and beverage manufacturing customers the right to use its Reb M in all non-alcohol beverages anywhere in the world without infringing the relevant application patents. Customers already use Sweegen’s Reb M in other applications. “The approval of Bestevia Reb M in Taiwan represents a breakthrough for brands aiming to create better-for-you foods and beverages,” said Casey McCormick, vice president of global innovation at Sweegen, in a statement. “Bestevia Reb M opens innovative avenues for reducing and even eliminating sugar, surpassing consumer expectations and contributing to public health goals aimed at curtailing sugar intake.” Sweegen also recently achieved FEMA GRAS status for its sweet proteins, brazzein and thaumatin II, which serve as valuable complements to steviol glycosides in the realm of food and beverage production, it adds.

Sethness Roquette announced that Sujata Malhotra has been appointed general manager for Sethness Roquette US. She has acquired the responsibilities for this position from Tom Schufreider, who has held this position for the past 10 years and will be retiring Dec. 31. Schufreider will support Sujata as advisor to the general manager during the transition period, ensuring a seamless handover, it says. Holding a Master of Business Administration degree and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, Sujata has 25 years of industry experience. Before joining Sethness Roquette, she served as director of regional sales at Ingredion Inc. for eight years. Prior to Ingredion, Sujata was in procurement at TreeHouse Foods, and she has also held positions in quality, technical services and sales with Cargill. Sujata is serving as president on the board of The Candy Production of Chicago, and she also is on the Dean’s Advisory Board for the University of Cincinnati College of Arts and Sciences. Sujata joined Sethness Roquette US in August 2022 as head of sales and marketing.

Nellson Nutraceutical LLC recently highlighted a case study titled “The Future is Flexitarian.” This resource showcases trends happening in the plant-based high-protein segment and how Nellson is meeting the demand of the growing flexitarian population by creating complete beverage powders that bridge the gap with best-of-both-worlds protein blends, the company says. “Now more than ever, consumers are desiring the nutrition and sustainability of plant-based products without completely eliminating animal proteins from their diets,” said Bart Child, chief commercial officer of Nellson, in a statement. “We understand the evolving preferences of consumers who seek both high protein content and sustainable dietary choices. We know that formulating plant-based beverages with exceptional taste, texture and appearance can present unique challenges. With years of experience in both plant and dairy formulation, Nellson assists brands in developing beverage powders that seamlessly blend plant-based and dairy ingredients while achieving optimal nutritional profiles.” The Future is Flexitarian case study outlines trends for this segment and how Nellson can help formulate optimal plant-based and dairy protein blends, including the following: consumer insights driving development of products with higher protein; identifying customer’s constraints, key targets and ingredients of interest; building out the base formula electronically to achieve the theoretical nutritional targets and product claims; and fine-tuning the mouthfeel, aroma and flavor using ingredient systems, to achieve the desired organoleptic results.