Rockin’ Protein made by Shamrock Farms announced that it is introducing a new addition to its refrigerated dairy case lineup: the Chocolate Rockin’ Protein 4-Pack. Scheduled to make its debut in Harris Teeter stores this month, the multipack will bring Rockin’ Protein’s real milk taste and 30-grams of high-quality protein to even more consumers, the company notes.

Highlighting the importance of driving category growth and enticing new consumers to the dairy aisle, a recent retail test showed that the Rockin’ Protein 4-Pack drove nearly double-digit category growth, generated increased foot traffic to the single-serve dairy door and enticed newcomers to explore the refrigerated dairy case, according to the company.

Additionally, an analysis of consumer buyer data revealed that Rockin’ Protein has the highest units for each buyer of any single serve ready-to-drink protein beverage brand on the market, which also fueled the brand’s decision to introduce a four-pack, it says.

The multipack launch for Rockin’ Protein reinforces its commitment to offering variety to its loyal consumers, while growing the ready-to-drink beverage category in the dairy case, it says. Multipacks have shown significant growth across different categories and Rockin’ Protein is poised to spearhead this trend in the dairy case by expanding the reach of its superior tasting protein beverage.

“We are excited to offer our loyal Rockin' Protein fans a pack size they have been asking for" said Ann Ocaña, chief marketing officer at Shamrock Farms, in statement. “By introducing the four-pack, we will make it easier and more convenient for our devoted fans to stock up on Rockin’ Protein.”

In the coming months, distribution of the multipack will expand to additional retailers nationwide.