Tip Top Proper Cocktails announced the debut of an all-new, ready-to-drink (RTD) canned cocktail: the Jungle Bird.

Utilizing four ingredients – rum, lime, pineapple and red bitters – with notes of tropical fruit, burnt sugar, and acidity, the Jungle Bird delivers a long finish, the company says.

“I absolutely love a Jungle Bird and wanted to put one in a can to speak directly to the cocktail community,” said Tip Top’s co-founder and CEO, Yoni Reisman in a statement. “We’ve mostly done obvious classics so far, but this one shows that Tip Top is willing to go a little more obscure, not just the low-hanging fruit. We like to keep people excited and guessing.”

Tip Top’s 100-ml classic canned cocktail recipes are developed by seven-time James Beard Award nominated mixologist Miles Macquarrie, the company notes. Small but potent, Tip Top has received national acclaim for its always balanced, never too sweet collection of low-ball classic cocktails including: the Stirred Line,  the Shaken Line, Espresso Martini and now, the Jungle Bird, it says.

“The Jungle Bird is one of those drinks that most bartenders love because it rides the line between drinks in the tropical style and classic bitter aperitif,” Macquarrie said in a statement. “Those who know it, typically know it well,”

Packaged in 100-ml cans, the Jungle Bird is available to purchase online for a limited time at Tip Top’s website.