Essentia Water has partnered with House Wine for the second consecutive year to bring fans a new, limited-edition Water + Rosé box ― a side-by-side combo of Essentia Water and House Wine Rosé.

A fresh take on last year’s Water + Wine box, this exclusive dual offering was designed distinctly for summer. With the equivalent of eight standard 750-ml bottles of House Wine Rosé and 32 (8-ounce) glasses of Essentia Water, this convenient boxed combo is ready for your next pool party, picnic, sunset soiree, or roof deck happy hour.

“Nothing feels more like summer than enjoying a chilled beverage on a hot day and the Water + Rosé box takes that experience to a whole new level,” said Zola Kane, head of marketing at Essentia Water, in a statement. “Whether you’re sipping on House Wine or hydrating with Essentia, it’s the perfect way to stay refreshed, and it tastes great too ― our consumers consistently tell us we have the best-tasting water.”

The Perfect Combination

Summertime is ripe with reasons to celebrate ― from National Rosé Day on June 10, to Summer Solstice on June 21, to Fourth of July and beyond. The Water + Rosé box is a functional all-in-one beverage combo, offering hosts a way to help quench guests’ thirst throughout the sunny season, the company says.

House Wine Rosé features notes of watermelon, strawberry and raspberry, the company says. When paired with Essentia’s ionized alkaline water in this side-by-side format, the box creates an instant water and wine station.

“Last year’s Essentia Water + House Wine collaboration was such a hit for the holidays, we just knew we had to bring it back with a summer spin,” said Alex Evans, chief marketing officer at House Wine, in a statement. “At House Wine, we’re passionate about creating easy-to-enjoy wines that bring people together without sacrificing quality. We love this collaboration with Essentia because it helps bring those goals to life.”

Water + Rosé boxes go on sale June 26 for $45.99 at Limited quantities will be available on a first come, first served basis and ship for free while supplies last.