Informa Markets’ Natural Products Expo West, part of the New Hope Network family of brands, hosted more than 65,000 registered attendees and 3,000 exhibiting companies March 7-11 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Exhibitors showcased the newest natural and organic products in foods and beverages, clean beauty and home products, and supplements and ingredients. 

Among the exhibitors that featured companies that operate in the beverage market as well as suppliers that support those beverage operations, the following are highlights from those beverage exhibitors:

Alkaline88 promoted its purified water enhanced with Himalayan minerals and electrolytes.

Amaz Project Inc. highlighted its line of organic sparkling teas. Amaz Yerba Mate is available in Lemon Ginger, Peach Mango and Acai Blueberry and are formulated with adaptogens to provide consumers with energy, focus and immunity, the company says.

Aura Bora showcased its line of herbal- and fruit-infused sparkling waters. Currently available in five varieties ― Cactus Rose, Lavender Cucumber, Peppermint Watermelon, Basil Berry and Lemongrass Coconut ― Aura Bora will add Elderflower Grapefruit to its lineup later this year.

Ayala’s Herbal Water promoted its flavored water made with organic ingredients. Each Herbal Water blend is all-natural and contains zero calories, zero artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors and zero chemical preservatives.

Blue Monkey YUZU highlighted its Sparkling Tropical YUZU collection. Packaged in 11.2-ounce slim cans, the line is a collection of plant-based nut and oat milks.

Blue Stripes Urban Cacao showcased its Cacao Water that is available in three varieties: Just Cacao, Chili Lime and Passion Fruit. The antioxidant plant-based waters are rich in vitamin C and contain zero added sugar.

BlueTriton Brands highlighted its Origin spring water, B’EAU collagen water, Saratoga spring and sparkling waters as well as its portfolio of regional spring waters.

Boomerang Energy Inc. highlighted its self-titled non-GMO sparkling energy drink.

C2O Coconut Water showcased its non-GMO coconut water line, which is available in two varieties: Original flavor and With Pulp.

Celsius Holdings Inc. showcased its collection of natural energy drinks.

Chlorophyll Water made its Natural Products Expo West tradeshow show debut. Chlorophyll Water is a plant-powered purified mountain spring water enhanced with the addition of Chlorophyll, a key ingredient and the distinct green pigment in plant life.


Chlorophyll Water
Image courtesy of Chlorophyll Water


The Clearly Food & Beverage Co. Ltd., producer of the Clearly Canadian line of premium sparkling waters, announced the introduction of two new portfolio offerings to the lineup. Clearly Canadian Essence is available nationwide in Grapefruit and Limon varieties. Essence contains only sparkling Canadian spring water and natural vegan flavors, it says. Clearly Canadian Zero Sugar will hit shelves in July. Zero Sugar will debut with four fruit flavors: Forest Blackberry, Fresh Cherry, Citrus Medley and Tropical Splash. The lineup is crafted with sparkling Canadian spring water from source, natural flavors, and is naturally sweetened.


The Clearly Food & Beverage Co
Images courtesy of The Clearly Food & Beverage Co. Ltd.


culture POP soda highlighted its probiotic soda made with real organic fruit juice and organic spices.

Daytrip Beverages, a mood-elevation company, launched its new NightTrip gummies and prebiotic sodas at Natural Products Expo West. The new products are infused with Daytrip's signature proprietary blend of botanical terpenes, known for elevating mood and promoting ease. Daytrip’s prebiotic sodas come in three flavors: Clementine, Berry Citrus and Grapefruit Lime.


Daytrip Beverages
Image courtesy of Daytrip Beverages


Enroot highlighted is sparkling cold brew tea line. Founded by friends Brad Pitt, Cristina Patwa and John Fogelman, Enroot organic beverages are small batch and slowly brewed cold in northern California with ayurvedic botanicals, loose tea leaves and fresh fruits.

Essentia Water promoted its large format offering of its ionized alkaline water: the Essentia Water 2 Gallon Box. Each external box is made with recycled corrugate and is 100% recyclable, while the inside uses 80% less plastic than eight 1-liter bottles by volume, it says.

Harmless Harvest showcased new products from both its coconut water portfolio and its dairy-free smoothie vertical.

High Brew Coffee promoted its line of cold-brewed coffees, which are made from 100% Arabica beans.

Hint Inc. highlighted its portfolio of flavored waters, including Hint Unsweetened Essence Water, Hint Unsweetened Sparkling Essence Water and Hint Energy Unsweetened Essence Water with Caffeine.

Hoplark promoted its HopTea and Hoplark Water.

HUMANITEA Co. highlighted its premium, organic tea offerings. A percentage of profits from the sale of the teas and lemonades will be donated to humanitarian causes, according to the company.

Icelandic Glacial showcased its 5-liter refrigerator pack as well as its 11.1-ounce aluminum can packaging for its still and sparkling varieties.

Karma Culture LLC highlighted its Karma Probiotic Waters.

Kill Cliff promoted its Kill Cliff Octane line, Kill Cliff Ignite, Kill Cliff Energize X Recover, and Kill Cliff CBD.

Lemon Perfect showcased its cold-pressed lemon waters, which are available in Original Lemon, Blueberry Açaí, Dragon Fruit Mango, Pineapple Coconut, Kiwi Star Fruit, Strawberry Passion Fruit and Peach Raspberry.

LIFEAID Beverage Co. promoted its FITAID line. The original features a citrus medley of flavor. The company also offers a Strawberry Lemonade flavor of FITAID.

Lifeway Foods Inc. debuted new flavors, including Guava Lowfat Kefir, Organic Strawberry Banana Whole Milk Kefir and Organic Black Cherry Whole Milk Kefir, along with the seasonal flavors Rainbow Cake Lowfat Kefir and Campfire S'mores Lowfat Kefir, at Natural Products Expo West.


Lifeway Foods
Image courtesy of Lifeway Foods Inc.


Perfect Hydration showcased its entire lineup of crisp and refreshing alkaline water in sustainable packaging at the show. All sizes of Perfect Hydration’s bottles (ranging from 20oz. to 1 gallon) come in 100% recycled and recyclable rPET plastic packaging. The brand also offers an infinitely recyclable aluminum can.

Polar Beverages highlighted a new Strawberry Watermelon variety, adding to its Premium Seltzer line.

Pop & Bottle promoted its premium, organic, dairy-free Oat and Almond Milk Lattes as well as its line of Super Concentrates.

Poppi highlighted its prebiotic carbonated soft drink, which is available in nine flavors ― Watermelon, Strawberry Lemon, Raspberry Rose, Orange, Ginger Lime, Grapefruit, Cola, Root Beer and DocPop.

REBBL showcased its product lines REBBL POP, a sparkling functional soda; and REBBL Stacked Coffee, a plant-powered cold-brew with additional health benefits.

Reed’s Inc. showcased its portfolio of beverages and candies, including Reed’s Ginger Beers, Virgil’s Handcrafted Sodas, Reed’s Ginger Candy, Reed’s Ginger Ale, Reed’s Daily Ginger and Energy shots, and Reed’s CBD Wellness Ginger Beer.

Remedy Drinks highlighted its new Orange Splash kombucha flavor. Orange Splash is made through the brand’s traditional technique of a 30-day brewing process to accentuate the flavor and strength of living cultures and organic acids, the company says.

Rise Brewing Co. highlighted its organic nitro cold brew coffee, lattes, tea, cold brew, and oat milk products.

Rowdy Mermaid promoted its Kombucha, Toni, and Good Mood Soda lines.

Spindrift showcased its sparkling waters that are made with real squeezed fruit.

Swoon showcased its Pink Lemonade variety, which contains zero sugar.

Vita Coco showcased its portfolio of coconut milks, waters, as well as Vita Coco Energy.

Zevia PBC unveiled a new brand identity for its zero sugar, naturally sweetened beverages. The refreshed design began rolling out to select retailers nationwide in late March, beginning with top-selling Creamy Root Beer in a new 6-pack format, with wide national distribution hitting shelves in time for summer. Zevia also is phasing out its six-pack plastic rings, replacing them with recyclable cardboard packaging.

Ingredient Suppliers

Natural Products Expo West exhibitors also featured a collection of ingredient suppliers. The following are highlights from those exhibitors:

BENEO promoted its prebiotic chicory root fibers Orafti Inulin and Oligofructose as well as its smart carbohydrate, Palatinose for sustained energy, and the tooth-friendly sugar replacer Isomalt.

Cargill featured a Reb M-sweetened fountain drink prototype at Natural Products Expo West. Cargill has been perfecting its EverSweet + ClearFlo to offer a set of benefits, including flavor modification properties, improved solubility, stability in formulations and faster dissolution, the company notes.

Dairy Farmers of America showcased its DFA Ingredient Solutions, which supply and formulate high-quality beverage ingredients for food manufacturers that deliver the flavor, texture, mouthfeel, and more that beverage-makers desire for dairy drinks.

Flavor Producers LLC highlighted its organic flavor portfolios along with its breakthrough Transparent & Tasteful Technologies built to aid in clean and clear labeling.

Food Ingredient Solutions highlighted its full range of kosher, halal and organic colors and natural antioxidants for the food, drug and cosmetics industries.

Glanbia Nutritionals promoted its expertise in proteins, cheese, seeds and grains, premix solutions, bioactives, flavors, edible films, bakery ingredients, and functionally optimized nutrients.

GNT USA shared its new trend analysis about “Healthy Hedonism,” which redefines what is possible with natural colors. Led by Gen Z, today’s consumers want to embrace joy while still being authentic and purpose-driven, the analysis states. This Healthy Hedonism ethos is now inspiring a new wave of products that are good for people and planet while providing pleasure through blissfully bold hues. These trends align with the company’s plant-based EXBERRY colors, it notes.

Ingredion Inc. announced it is expanding its portfolio of functional, clean label ingredient solutions to include texturizers made from the peels of citrus fruits with the U.S. launch of FIBERTEX CF 502 and FIBERTEX CF 102 citrus fibers. The company also featured a slew of snack and beverage prototypes available for sampling including a Power berry green tea.

Kerry promoted its liquid concentrates as well as mixes and powders for beverage applications.

Kyowa Hakko USA promoted its functional ingredients Cognizin and IMMUSE.

Nexira presented POW(D)ER from Mother Nature, a range of powerful ingredients. The POW(D)ER concept is based on the power of nature. “POW(D)ER was built to ease the work of our customers by offering a one-stop-shop with powerful ingredients”, said Franck Gillet, sales director of Nexira Inc., in a statement preceding the show.

PLT Health Solutions highlighted its ingredient solutions of 5-LOXIN, ApresFlex, AquaLOX, Artesa, ceratiq, Earthlight, Elantria, Hytolive, RhodioLife, Slendacor, Supresa, Synapsa, Xanthigen, Zembrin, zumXR and Zynamite.

Prinova promoted its capabilities with ready-to-mix powder and beverage solutions. The company also showcased its nutrient premix and custom flavor capabilities.

Pyure highlighted its stevia extracts and blended sweetening solutions for food and beverage manufacturers.

Robertet educated attendees on its natural aromatic extracts, including essential oils, absolutes, carbon dioxide extracts, certified organic ingredients, flavors and fragrances.

SOURCE Global, the developer of the SOURCE Hydropanel, the technology that sustainably generates renewable drinking water from the atmosphere, announced the acquisition of Proud Source Water, a leader in sustainably bottled spring water. The acquisition of Proud Source enables SOURCE Global to bring the principles of renewable technology to the bottled water industry. The relationship will initially expand the Proud Source product portfolio to include both spring and renewable water, the company says.

Sweegen promoted its portfolio of non-GMO, clean-tasting, nature-based and label-friendly ingredients.

Synergy showcased cultural flavor influences in food and beverages through prototypes, including a Paloma Immunity & Hydration Mocktail.

Natural Products Expo East 2023 will take place Sept. 20-23 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Natural Products Expo West 2024 will take place March 12-16 at the Anaheim Convention Center.