Chicago-based ADM unveiled its third annual outlook on the global consumer trends that will shape the food, beverage and animal nutrition industries and drive market growth in the years ahead. Dissecting the intersection of health and well-being, sustainability and food security, ADM has identified eight spaces that detail consumers’ evolving behaviors, attitudes and aspirations, it says. The eight areas serve as anchor points to inspire innovation, ushering in a new wave of products and services for 2023, it adds. “Often interconnected, these key themes are permeating throughout consumers’ choices, demands and expectations of brands,” said Brad Schwan, vice president of marketing for ADM, in a statement. “The desire for a healthy mind, body and soul, as well as the global community and planet, is manifesting in proactive and decisive conscientious consumption across categories. Companies that can nimbly evolve alongside consumers are poised for success in the coming year and beyond.”

Infuse Your Life Health Products Inc., a Canadian-based health product and beverage startup, announced that it now is exclusively sourcing its ingredients for its Soul Cardiovascular Support Cola from Tate & Lyle, London. Infuse Your Life’s goal has always been to create a new standard in what a cola really should be, and partnering with the leaders at Tate & Lyle is one of the critical steps in achieving measurable benchmarks, it says. “It really was a big challenge to get to this point. We have been in development for two years but special things take time,” said Thomas Lasic, co-founder of Infuse Your Life Health Products, in a statement. “Partnering with Tate & Lyle gives us, our customers, and our shareholders the confidence knowing we are backed by a global leader in their field. We will be advised, supported and understood, at every step. This means experience, innovation, quality and transparency.”

Lafayette, La.-based The Wright Group, a global supplier of custom nutritional ingredient solutions to the functional food and supplement industries, introduced TWG Health & Nutrition (TWG). The new brand, dedicated to the health and nutrition market, provides custom nutrient premixes, direct compression granulations, and microencapsulated ingredients and beverage solutions, it says. “TWG Health & Nutrition is an evolution in our company’s history and strategic focus, reflecting our commitment to the health and nutrition industry today and as we trek toward the future,” said S.L. “Sam” Wright IV, president and CEO of TWG Health & Nutrition, in a statement. “We remain a privately held company dedicated to delivering the highest quality nutritional solutions, offering an extensive toolbox of ingredient innovations for health and nutrition products to help accelerate our customers’ business so they can get to market faster, without compromise.”

Wageningen, Netherlands-based NutriLeads BV announced that a new clinical research paper provides additional evidence that BeniCaros, a functional food, beverage and supplement ingredient, prepares the immune system and strengthens healthy immune responses. The paper recently was published in the peer-reviewed journal Nutrients, the company notes. The latest data demonstrates that BeniCaros, a soluble prebiotic carrot fiber, known scientifically as Rhamnogalacturonan-I or cRG-I, significantly reduced individual cold symptoms and helped subjects feel better and maintain their quality of life, it says. The research paper elaborates on previous findings that showed 300 mg of BeniCaros accelerated immune responses and significantly reduced the severity and duration of symptoms in a study of 146 healthy human subjects following a controlled challenge with a common cold virus, according to the company. “Our research shows that BeniCaros supports and accelerates healthy immune responses when they are needed most,” said Joana Carneiro, NutriLeads CEO, in a statement. “These latest data illustrate the ways in which BeniCaros helps individuals live their lives so nothing slows them down.”