Middlebury, Vt.-based kombucha brand Aqua ViTea introduced Aqua Seltzers, a bubbly beverage packed with probiotics for immune and gut health. Like all of Aqua ViTea's beverages, the new Aqua Seltzers are USDA Organic, GMO-free, gluten-free, vegan, and always low in calories and sugar.

Aqua Seltzer comes in four flavors: Grapefruit + Thyme, Raspberry + Lime, Cucumber + Mint, and Pomegranate + Cherry. With only 15 calories and 1 gram of sugar, each shelf-stable can is packed with 5 billion live probiotics, as well as antioxidants and enzymes. 

“As one of the first commercial kombucha brands, we keep our finger on the pulse of what consumers need from functional beverages while remaining true to our core value that food can be used as medicine,” said Jeff Weaber, founder of Aqua ViTea, in a statement. “A crowded market no doubt, Aqua Seltzer shines as a replacement to sugary beverages with beneficial living food properties that can help consumers achieve overall wellness from the inside out.”

Aqua ViTea is crafted with naturally occurring probiotics, blending ancient kombucha fermentation traditions with modern brewing techniques to produce beverages that are verified non-alcohol compliant (below 0.5% ABV) and rich with clean ingredients. 

To date, Aqua ViTea has composted 26,000 pounds of tea for local agriculture and 75,000 pounds of wastewater for renewable energy, it says. Additionally, up to 35% of the fills at Aqua ViTea's Kombucha fountains utilize reusable glass.

Also new in April, Aqua ViTea announced distribution expansion with the launch of an eCommerce vertical on its website (www.aquavitea.com) making it easy for customers nationwide to purchase the brand.

Priced at $36 for a 12-pack, Aqua ViTea’s New Aqua Seltzers are available now on the Aqua ViTea website.