Middlebury, Vt.-based Aqua ViTea has rebranded its kombucha bottles and cans to better reflect its commitment to “responsible kombucha’ing,” it says. Aqua ViTea produces verified non-alcohol, certified organic kombucha made with mindfully sourced ingredients. To illustrate this attribute, the labels now display a “Verified Alcohol Extracted” seal on the front panel. The labels also showcase several other key highlights important to the brand, including USDA organic, non-GMO, natural probiotics, and lower sugar, as well as more prominently featuring the brand’s signature hand-illustrated artwork, the company says. "Alcohol awareness is a critical message for the safety and respect of kombucha drinkers everywhere, who deserve transparency," said Jeff Weaber, founder of Aqua ViTea Kombucha, in a statement. "As a live beverage, kombucha is always changing, making finding a long-term alcohol solution difficult. We experienced this firsthand years ago before making a commitment to purchase a Spinning Cone Column, which allows us to gently remove the alcohol from our kombucha at low temperatures, preserving the naturally occurring organisms. There is room in the market for non-alcoholic kombucha and hard kombucha, provided both product types are properly brewed, tested, labeled and explained to consumers." In addition to its new and improved labels, Aqua ViTea is renaming of two of its most popular flavors: Blueberry Social, which combines the tartness of blueberries, the tang of lemon and the cool smokiness of cardamom, and Peach Out, a blend of peach and mint. Like the brand’s other nine key flavors, Blueberry Social and Peach Out are available for a suggested retail price between $2.49 and $3.49 for a bottle or can, and are available at retailers such as Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, Big Y and more.