Atlanta-based energy drink company Kill Cliff, maker of Ignite, is set to continue expansion in nationwide distribution with new flavor profiles and a new can design. “We are thrilled traditional consumers are recognizing that synthetic ingredients and artificially high doses of caffeine create a toxic combination,” said Kill Cliff’s president, John Timar, in a statement. “Consumers want clean energy because living a healthy lifestyle is more important than ever.” Based on positive response from fans, Kill Cliff redesigned all of its cans to reflect the streamlined look of the Kill Cliff CBD line, it says. The new packaging puts the Ignite formula name front and center, and makes it easy to identify each flavor. With the launch also comes a line extension to include the new Smashing Citrus flavor. Later this summer, Kill Cliff also will introduce a new design for its original product, Recover, to better reflect its broad consumer usage occasions. “Our customers drink Kill Cliff for a natural energy boost throughout the day,” Timar says. “You can crush it anytime. Many ditch their afternoon coffee for a Kill Cliff, and it is unbelievable to see the proliferation of mixology using these products.”