Good Feels, a minority-owned cannabis brand, launched a line of fast-acting cannabis-infused seltzers and beverage enhancers at dispensaries across Massachusetts. Good Feels released four cannabis-infused seltzers: Black Cherry, Raspberry Apple, Blood Orange and Grapefruit, along with its two beverage enhancers, Lemon-Lime and Flavorless. These fast-acting products provide a manageable experience with zero calories, zero sugar, and are flavored with essential oils extracted from real fruit, the company says. Each 12-ounce seltzer bottle contains a blend of 3 mg THC and 2mg CBD. Both beverage enhancers feature 4.5 mg THC and 3m g CBD in each serving (20 servings, 150 mg total). All Good Feels products are sustainably manufactured in infinitely recyclable glass bottles within a carbon-neutral facility using 100% renewable energy, the company adds. To purchase Good Feels products, store locators can be found by visiting the company’s website.

Good Feels, Medway. Mass.


Distribution: Select markets, online