Hemp brand Verist announced the latest addition to its growing lineup of single-origin hemp products: a THC-infused seltzer bottled in partnership with popular Minneapolis brewery Fulton.

Made with 3.5 mg of hemp-derived THC –– a lower amount than many other brands on the market –– Verist THC seltzer is free of alcohol, sugar and carbs, offering a zero-calorie experience, the company says. Verist THC-infused seltzers are packaged in unlined glass bottles rather than the industry-standard cans.

“Early in the process of developing our THC seltzer, we learned about the importance of using glass bottles,” says Nicola Peterson, co-founder of Verist, in a statement. “When a THC beverage is packaged in aluminum, the can liner leeches THC from the drink over time, causing it to become less potent and even ineffective. The idea of letting our customers down like that was unacceptable to us, so we immediately knew bottles were the way to go.”

Currently available in Lemon Spritz and Strawberry Mint Spritz flavors, Verist THC-infused seltzers can be purchased at Minnesota bars, restaurants and retailers.