Absolut Vodka is inviting everyone to celebrate the world’s expressive minds with the launch of a new limited-edition bottle: Absolut Voices.

Embodying the brand’s core belief that the world becomes a better place when we mix together beyond differences, Absolut Voices shakes things up by encouraging people to open up and connect for more inspiring and memorable moments, the company says.

Bringing the brand’s core belief to life, Absolut Voices literally makes waves with a unique bottle design with illustrations of expanding soundwaves on a bottle containing 80% recycled glass. The new release is a celebration of the wavemakers and the trailblazers of the world, it notes.

Packaged in a sapphire blue glass bottle, the limited-edition packaging also features a custom medallion in one of four vibrant colors. The Absolut Voices bottle is available in 700-ml, 750-ml and 1-liter sizes.