Premium energy drink UPTIME, Los Angeles, announced its partnership with Cade Cunningham, the rookie basketball player just selected as the No. 1 overall NBA Draft Pick by the Detroit Pistons. The collaboration is the award-winning Oklahoma State star's first with a beverage company.

For UPTIME, after accomplishing a record year in 2020, growing revenue more than 50% so far in 2021, Cade marks the kickoff of its marketing campaign targeting “multi-hyphenates” ― goal-focused, ambitious high achievers.

Cunningham will represent UPTIME as an official brand ambassador on social media, in press interviews and in meet-and-greets with customers and fans of the brand. His likeness will also be used as part of in-store, point-of-sale marketing collateral.

“It's important for me to align with the mission and values of brands I partner with,” Cunningham said in a statement. “In college, traditional energy drinks didn't appeal to me, so I was extremely excited to discover UPTIME. I love that UPTIME not only tastes great, but was created with health and wellness in mind as it has natural caffeine from green tea, natural flavors, and is non-GMO. UPTIME gives me the balanced energy and mental focus I need to be my best on and off the court.”

Ben Kim, CEO of UPTIME, added: “Cade perfectly embodies healthier energy. As a professional athlete, vegan, girl-dad and entrepreneur, Cade is an inspirational, multifaceted and ambitious force who reflects why we developed our 'better-for-you' energy drink: to help support high-achieving individuals. We're proud to work with someone who deeply mirrors the core values that motivate our mission at UPTIME.”