For those who have ever wondered who Mike of Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. is, the company recently launched a “History of Mike’s” campaign featuring cinematic ads that explore the backstory of who Mike might have been as well as his quest to find the perfect lemons to create the hard lemonade. The campaign, created by WorkInProgress, allows consumers to follow Mike on his quest to find the perfect lemons, including trekking through the jungle to find the rarest lemon tree in the world or robbing a train carrying lemons to create this revolutionary beverage. “We think these ads will spark the curiosity our fans already have about the origin of the brand and who the original ‘Mike’ is,” said Matt Talbot, chief creative officer at WorkInProgress, in a statement. “We hope people make up their own origin stories while enjoying a Mike’s Hard Lemonade with friends.” John Shea, chief marketing officer of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, said consumers remain curious about Mike and who he might be. “These spots will keep consumers guessing as these origin stories show our obsession with making the best-tasting, No. 1 hard lemonade for more than two decades,” he says.