Proof Point Spirited Seltzers, a brand of Molson Coors Beverage Co., Chicago, released a new line of hard seltzers made with real spirits and a splash of real juice. Available in 27 states, the new ready-to-drink (RTD) seltzers were developed for hard seltzer drinkers who prefer a top-shelf, authentic experience that is just as real as they are, the company says.

“When we looked at the seltzer category, there was an element of ‘realness’ missing. We wanted to create a product that brings you those high-quality ingredients and a brand that celebrates those bold enough to be real,” said Jamie Wideman, vice president of Molson Coors Innovation, in a statement. “Naturally, we were drawn to collaborators who are known for being unapologetically and refreshingly themselves, so that together, we could shake up seltzers in a major way.”

The premium hard seltzer is available in four flavor combinations: Whiskey Seltzer with Blackberry Lemon, Rum Seltzer with Mango Pineapple, Vodka Seltzer with Lime, and Tequila Seltzer with Grapefruit.

Designed to bring something refreshingly real to the category, Proof Point has shown up at high-profile events and celebrations in May, ranging from Trillerfest in Miami and hip-hop producer JetsonMade’s Space Boy Beat Camp in Atlanta, to numerous celebrities posting on social with Proof Point and the hashtag #ToastToReal, including multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated recording artist, Meek Mill. The brand will continue to appear in culture this year, working with well-known creators and artists represented by entertainment heavyweight, Roc Nation, and more, it says.

 “We love that Proof Point is already making its mark on culture, but our ingredients are also a major reason for why this brand is different,” said Brittany Lanier, senior marketing manager for Proof Point at Molson Coors. “We’ve crafted Proof Point with high-quality spirits that were previously missing from the category, like barrel-aged whiskey, Caribbean rum, six-times distilled vodka and Mexican tequila. This brand is all about amplifying and elevating the realest voices with a hard seltzer that matches their authenticity.”

Clocking in a 5% ABV, the RTD Proof Point Hard Seltzers contain zero sugar and 100 calories in each 12-ounce slim can. Proof Point is available in 4-packs of 12-ounce slim can for a suggested retail price of $9.99.