Commerce City, Colo.-based Caliper Ingredients, in partnership with Colorado State University, announced the completion of the industry’s first human clinical study of commercially available CBD-infused food and supplement product pharmacokinetics. The landmark study was published in a special edition of the medical journal Pharmaceuticals — Cannabidiol: Advances in Therapeutic Applications and Future Perspectives. According to the study, Caliper’s suite of soluble CBD ingredients demonstrated superior absorption versus other standard CBD ingredient formulations. In the 30 minutes following ingestion, the study found that Caliper 5% CBD Liquid Concentrate delivered CBD into the bloodstream up to 424 times faster than isolates, and up to 64 times faster than tinctures, Caliper 20% CBD Liquid Concentrate delivered CBD into the bloodstream 218 times faster than isolates, and 33 times faster than tinctures, and Caliper 5% CBD Powder delivered CBD into the bloodstream 142 times faster than isolates, and 22 times faster than tinctures.

Comax Flavors, Melville, N.Y., released new primary research on consumers’ behavior, usage and attitudes toward nutrition and performance products including protein powder, ready-to-drink (RTD) protein drinks, protein bars and more. In a survey of 1,200 U.S. respondents, taste is the No. 1 purchase driver of nutrition and performance products with 52 percent respondents citing it as such. More than a third (36 percent) of respondents cite “flavor” as an important attribute driving nutrition and performance products purchase intent. Additionally, respondents look for “plant proteins” as an “active ingredient” in protein powder (32 percent), RTD (22 percent) and protein bars (25 percent). At 12 percent, keto is the top lifestyle diet of survey-takers along with intermittent fasting (11 percent), gluten free (10 percent), and, at 9 percent, dairy free and vegetarian, respectively. More than half (52 percent) of respondents do not follow any particularly lifestyle diet, the research states.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan-based KeyLeaf, a leader in plant-based ingredient commercialization, launched a redesigned website. The revamped site at showcases the company’s new self-branded line of hemp-based ingredients and its contract processing services for the plant-based food, beverage and nutraceutical industries. The site also features a new streamlined home page with an eco-friendly theme and features a repository of company news, technical articles, blog postings, and discussions with top scientists and industry veterans on a wide variety of topics ranging from emerging trends in the plant-based meat space to how to improve taste and color of dry fractionated hemp protein powder. In a statement, Justin White Keyleaf’s vice president of global sales and business development, said: “Our new website clarifies our identity and leadership role in the plant-based ingredient space and signifies our successful transition from POS BioSciences to our new corporate identity: KeyLeaf Life Sciences; KeyLeaf for short. Visitors to the site will be able to gain insight into our company’s backstory as well as our new direction.”