The pandemic has changed the way consumers imbibe and even what they’re drinking — think no- or low-alcohol as 47 percent of consumers globally are seeking out sessionable cocktails.

Among other insights from the Bacardi Ltd.’s 2021 Trends Report is that gin is the No. 1 spirit with 51 percent of consumers choosing it, followed by mezcal and tequila at 46 percent and 45 percent, respectively. In North America, tequila is trending high thanks to a resurgence in Margaritas, up 27 percent.

Among dark spirits, rum also continues its steady, upward trajectory, while blended premium whiskey jumped 12 percent in Western Europe and the whiskey highball is creating greater excitement in Eastern Europe. The report also notes that extreme flavor profiles like chili, super sweet, sour, bitter and smoky are in vogue.