Cannonball, a brand of SHARE A SPLASH wine co., Healdsburg, Calif., unveiled new packaging for its 2018 vintage, beginning with its Cabernet Sauvignon varietal.

Shipping from the winery, the new packaging keeps the original design, created by renowned California graphic designer Michael Schwab in place, but gives it an update for the new decade.

The packaging refresh celebrates the 15th vintage of Cannonball and gives it range to continue to evolve in the minds of consumers and trade, the company says. Working with global design firm Denomination, the goal was to focus on fine-tuning the label’s secondary elements. The change in font and kerning creates added refinement, a textural element gives dimension in the form of embossing on certain elements, including the freewheeling boy tucked into a cannonball dive as he falls into the waves of the Pacific Ocean below, according to the company.

“In many ways this is a perfect time for us to reinvigorate the look and feel of Cannonball” noted Yoav Gilat, Founder SHARE A SPLASH wine co., in a statement. “It takes us back to our roots; delivering classic varietals from our home base in Healdsburg, California, through wines that are built to connect people, to be shared experiences that enrich our lives and allow us to enjoy ourselves.”