Napa, Calif.-based Wine Ambassadors launched its Fine Wine Club, a multi-level marketing program whereby women and men who love their vino can get paid to share fine wines from the Napa and Sonoma regions of California. The venture is the brainchild of a group of Napa Valley entrepreneurs that includes winemakers, a vineyard owner, a cheesemaker and marketers. Their experts choose wines from respected winemakers, leveraging relationships built over their combined 30 years of industry and business experience, they say.

The Fine Wine Club allows clients to choose whether to be Customers or Ambassadors. Customers pay a monthly fee to have curated hand-selected wines delivered to their door each month. When they refer three friends, they get their wine at no charge. A video accompanies each delivery, which features the winemaker describing the story behind each wine.

Ambassadors, on the other hand, have the opportunity to turn enjoying and learning about wine with friends into a side hustle, it says. They can make commissions on sales and get support tools and leads that include their own website, analytics and a Visa debit card to help them manage their business. Ambassadors at the upper level even get access to exclusive events as well as exclusive wine tastings at select vineyards, it adds.

“Wine is so much more than a drink. It's a lifestyle, a passion, an enriching part of the human experience and a central focus of so many celebrations as well as private moments," said Brett Hudson, president of Wine Ambassador, in a statement. "Our Club presents a great chance for women or men to tap into the growing $38 billion direct-to-consumer wine industry and the opportunity associated with being structured as a multi-level marketing company of fine wines.

"We have set our sights on becoming the number one wine club in the world in partnership with our Ambassadors,” he continued. “We are confident we will achieve this vision based on our early success and the incredible potential that exists in the $360 billion global wine industry."

According to Hudson, the average retail price of each bottle is about $68 being delivered from Napa and Sonoma but, through the Wine Ambassador Wine Club, members, however, pay $99.95 for four bottles.