With social distancing and keeping at least six feet apart from one another being the new normal, summer 2020 promises to be unlike any other. To make the most of unusual times, Dos Equis is giving away seis-foot coolers so beer drinkers will know exactly how long six feet really is while enjoying a beer with friends and still following the rules, the company says. The limited-edition Dos Equis Seis-Foot Cooler will be available while supplies last to make sure beer drinkers social distance exactly and get through whatever 2020 has to offer. Just because we have to social distance doesnt mean we have to skip out on summertime entirely,” said Edith Llerena, senior brand manager for Dos Equis, in a statement. Theres a responsible way to drink responsibly throughout the summer. … Just sit on opposite ends of the cooler to keep a safe distance apart. Just remember: Dos Equis, Seis Feet.” To qualify for the free cooler, drinkers should upload a Dos Equis receipt at seisfootcooler.