SodaStream, a division of Purchase, N.Y.-based PepsiCo Inc., introduced certified organic, shelf-stable Kombucha Concentrate to its lineup of at-home beverage products. Kombucha has seen a rise in popularity during the past decade because of its intended health benefits, but in the past it has been difficult to make at home because of its long preparation time — that all changes now.

With the help of SodaStream consumers can make their own kombucha in a matter of seconds. Consumers can carbonate water using any SodaStream machine and add any one of two new Soda Press Co. Kombucha concentrates: Original, which has sharp flavors with delicate notes of apple and peach, and Passionfruit & Mandarin, the company says.

Each concentrate is slow brewed for approximately 45 days with more than 1 billion live probiotics in each serving and less sugar than leading kombucha brands with just 0-5 calories in each serving, the company says. The products are gluten free and non-GMO with no artificial ingredients or stevia added. Plus, the cost is 66-75 percent less for each serving versus leading kombucha brands, it says.

The Kombucha Concentrate is eco-friendly and aims to eliminate the need for single-use plastics. With just one bottle consumers can create up to 10 beverages, according to the company. The packaging is also plastic free and 100 percent recyclable.

“At SodaStream we are constantly identifying new trends and expanding our product offerings to reach a wider range of consumers,” said Matt Kahn, chief marketing officer of SodaStream USA, in a statement. “Our new concentrates give kombucha fans an easy way to create their favorite beverages at home while eliminating plastic waste along the way.”

The Kombucha Concentrates retail for $9.99 each and are available for purchase at