To keep pace with new formats and a growing number of SKUs, Sidel introduced its auto-adjustable pick-and-place case packer: Cermex FlexiPack. Designed for the agile packing of wine and spirits bottles, the FlexiPack improves flexibility and overall ease of operations for packing glass bottles in cases while providing total protection of the primary packaging, the company says. In addition, the system fosters 10-minute changeovers while enhancing bottle flow management. In light of shorter production runs and a growing, diverse portfolio, brand owners recognize the importance of protecting brand equity and product integrity and giving consumers enhanced bottle decoration, which also needs maximum care and protection. Designed to handle between 10,000 and 18,000 bottles an hour, the FlexiPack contains a bottle channel infeed, a numerical-axis gantry manipulator and a regular slotted container (RSC) case conveying part. In addition, it can be complemented by an upstream DiviArm, which is a positive bottle distribution system that facilitates limited pressure and zero shocks when the bottles are divided into the packer infeed channels. The new case packing solution for glass bottles combines robotic technology and market expertise with a single, servo-driven auto-adjustable gripping head to ensure a frictionless and precise batch gripping and transfer of 24 to 48 bottles simultaneously. The machine also handles a wide variety of bottle diameters and heights along with diverse bottle necks or cap designs.

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