Douglas Machine offers its newest machine iteration: the TriVex Series. The TriVex RL is a pick-and-place packer for loading bags, bottles and more, while the TriVex SL case packs bags and pouches into retail- and shelf-ready cases without vacuum picking. The TriVex CL is designed for foodservice and retail bags of non-free flowing individual quick frozen (IQF) products. Designed with performance-enhancing technology, the TriVex RL and RLi top load case and tray packers are an ideal solution for top load case packing applications, the company says. A high-performance pick and place packer, the TriVex RL has the ability to erect, load and seal top load cases with one compact machine, it adds. Innovative design features, advanced servo technology and simple menu-driven changeovers combine to accommodate a wide variety of beverage products, according to the company. These automated robotic solutions are designed for the high demands associated with three-shift production, frequent format changes and high efficiencies. One of the company’s integrated solutions for the beer, wine and spirits industry doubled a customer’s process speed, enabling it to run seven bottle sizes including 200- and 500-ml and 1.5-liter, according to the company. The bladder-controlled end effector and funnel grid system provides product stability while an automated flap control system for re-shipper RSC cases feeds the case into the loader at 37 cases a minute.

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