With expertise in production, co-packing and labeling, Spa Springs Mineral Water Co. Ltd. can assist with beverage manufacturing needs. Based in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, the company produces mineral water and soft drinks in glass bottles for national and international markets. Providing high-quality products is key to the company’s success. The facility is licensed for importing, processing and exporting with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIS) according to the Safe Foods for Canadians Regulations (SFCR). It also is certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative Food Safety Program and the International Featured Standards Food 6.1. Utilizing cutting-edge German technology, Spa Springs Mineral Water Co. offers a wide range of bottle shapes and sizes, along with multiple labeling, packing and palletizing options to meet customers’ needs. Not only is Spa Springs’ facility recognized for its quality of technology and service, the quality of the water is unique. The mineral water, which originates from the company’s own spring, was believed by the indigenous Mi’Kmaq to be “the fountain of youth.” The high mineral content of the water, particularly in calcium, has a soft flavor, which can be consumed as-is or combined with other ingredients to produce other beverages. Spa Springs’ expert team is on hand with a wealth of knowledge and experience to advise and guide local, national and international customers, from initial concept to final delivery.

Spa Springs Mineral Water Co. Ltd. | 1089 Highway 362, P.O. Box 519; Middleton, Nova Scotia, Canada B0S 1P0; +011/902-825-2133; spa-springs.com.