In an effort to improve technology on the design of rotary filling systems for the liquid beverage industry, Fogg Filler announced it has designed and engineered new lifter pedestals ideal for the filling and gentler handling of glass bottles. The new lifter design comes with the option of a gas spring whereby all previous lifters used standard metal springs. While standard metal springs are suited for most bottles; the gas springs, however, provide a gentler release, ensuring an extra level of security that enables glass bottles to smoothly move through the filler, according to the company. The company also offers special polymer valve tips for further protection of glass materials. Additionally, the new lifters are paired with Fogg’s Acculift technology for a more accurate and precise alignment with the valves. As the lifters rise, the Acculift system holds bottles in place so they cannot move or sway, which would risk the valve tip hitting the bottle. This pairing ensures that valves will not collide with the neck of the bottles, risking damage to the machinery or the bottles. The new style lifters, like the classic lifters, can be designed for easy changeover in the case of multiple bottles.

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