Aimed at transforming spirits from average to premium, Persedo LLC unveiled its proprietary polishing technology that removes harsh impurities and unwanted congeners from any class of spirit in minutes, for around 40 to 80 cents for each liter of finished product, the company says. Invented by three-time NASA Inventor of the Year Ricky Ford and a team of chemists, the technology creates a smoother taste with less burn in about 20 minutes. The Persedo Polishing Technology is not a rapid aging technique; instead beverage-makers can administer it prior to barreling, or before bottling as a finishing step to remove the harsh edge from distilled spirits without changing their essential flavor notes, it says. Available for broad commercial use and under license only, the “polishing” technology reduces the impurities that contribute to the harshness and burn found in distilled spirits. It also converts offensive fatty acids to their corresponding esters, resulting in a more pleasant taste, the company says. Additionally, the energy- and labor-efficient process enables producers of aged spirits to realize more volume compared with extended aging, without alcohol loss, and resulting in about a 20 percent higher yield when producing a super-premium vodka or gin. The technology can be applied incrementally as desired and has a high return-on-investment with a low-cost investment, it says. Designed to operate in a small 25-by-25-footprint, the equipment can be installed at a distillery, or purveyors can directly send products to a Persedo processing facility.

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