Keurig Dr Pepper, Plano, Texas, announced that “Fansville,” the Dr Pepper parody TV show drama, returned in time for the 2019-2020 college football season.

The episodic-like marketing campaign will continue to tell the stories of college football fans thanks to help from returning cast favorites Brian Bosworth and Eddie George, the company says. “Fansville” premiered Aug. 19

“‘Fansville’ was created to celebrate the commitment of Dr Pepper to both the sport of college football and the fan community,” said Derek Dabrowski, vice president of brand marketing for Dr Pepper, in a statement. “The second season of Fansville continues that tradition with more drama, more rivalry, and more fun, and by tapping into the nuances of what it really feels like to be a college football fan.”

The new season of “Fansville” follows the campaign's debut run during the 2018-2019 college football season. In Season 2, consumers can follow the town of Fansville as it celebrates its 150th anniversary. Cast favorites and college football legends Bosworth and George will return to reprise their roles as the Sheriff and the Doctor, respectively, as the storylines dig deeper into college football fan insights and lean into classic TV story lines, the company says.

“College football fans are among the most passionate sports fans out there, and Dr Pepper ‘Fansville’ has done an amazing job at portraying that fandom in a way that I think we all can relate to," Bosworth said. “I had a blast playing the Sheriff last year and I'm thrilled to put the uniform back on, drink some ice cold Dr Pepper, and bring order to ‘Fansville’ once again. Season 2 will be even more exciting, so fans need to tune in.”

The Dr Pepper Fansville campaign will feature nine unique campaign spots, and others will air throughout the college football season on ESPN, CBS and FOX, the company says. The “season finale” will air during the National Championship on Jan. 13, 2020. “Fansville” also will appear across digital, radio, OOH advertising, as well as on Dr Pepper social media platforms throughout the season.

“Loyalty, rivalry and competition are inherent to college football, and it is important to us that ‘Fansville’ leans into those real fan feelings,” Dabrowski said. “This is going to be a season that fans won't want to miss, from tailgate cheating to Fannesia — not to be confused with Amnesia — and we might even encounter some ghosts, who turn out to be college football fanatics as well.”

“Fansville” Season 2 is part of a variety of key marketing and advertising initiatives for Dr Pepper that celebrate college football fans as part of its official sponsorship of the College Football Playoff and Presenting Sponsorship of the National Championship Trophy through 2026. These initiatives include the 11th anniversary of the Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway, which has awarded more than $10 million to college students.