In collaboration with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc., Lakeville-Middleboro, Mass., is supporting breast cancer awareness by Picking Pink Cranberries for a Purpose, during the first harvest of the season, the company says. The first-ever pink cranberry harvest featured approximately 79 million cranberries, including real pink cranberries and a National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. ribbon made from approximately 15.5 million pink cranberries, it adds.

The Cooperative will provide further support through the launch of its new Pink Cranberry Juice Drinks line this fall. Five percent of Ocean Spray’s sales of Pink Cranberry Juice Drink in the United States and Canada will be donated to the NBCF, up to $250,000 annually, the company says.

“With the support of others before us, many in our Ocean Spray family, who have been affected by this disease, have won the battle,” said Kellyanna Dignan, director of global corporate affairs for Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc., in a statement. “For that, we are proud to lend a hand and a harvest in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. Through this initiative, we and our 700 farm-families are paying it forward for those in need of breast cancer support.”

Janelle Hail, NBCF founder and chief executive officer commented: “We are grateful to Ocean Spray and the farm-families for their support of our mission to help women now facing breast cancer. Their generous donation will impact the lives of women affected by breast cancer across America and Canada.”

Pink Cranberry Juice Drink is available in 64-ounce bottles in original and Pink Lite Cranberry.