Returning for the fifth consecutive summer, Share a Coke announces a new spin on the popular campaign, adding more beverages, packages, experiences and sharing opportunities. “Share a Coke has become a rite of summer for our fans,” said Jaideep Kibe, vice president of the Coca-Cola brand for Coca-Cola North America, in a statement. “The campaign’s annual return is a social marker on the calendar, as we welcome new adventures, new friendships and new memories. This year, we’re focusing on the role Coca-Cola plays in the special summer moments we share with others. We wanted to tap into the meaning behind shared experiences more so than just names.” Newly featured on the bottles are name labels that are peel-off stickers, which reveal Coca-Cola’s Sip and Scan codes that instantly unlock chances to win prizes including a free Coke, amusement park passes and baseball tickets. More than 1,100 first and last names on 20-ounce bottles have been added to seven Coca-Cola products, which also feature limited-edition patriotic packaging.