El Tesoro de Don Felipe, a brand of Fielding & Jones Ltd., Chicago, unveils a new look on its El Tesoro Blanco, Reposado and Añejo tequilas. Within the packaging refresh is a new artisanal bottle and label that more visually communicates the time-honored process and attention to detail, the company says.

The company highlights five specific areas featured on the new bottles. A tahona stone closure shows El Tesoro tequila’s commitment to the ancient method of crushing cooked agaves with a two-ton volcanic rock to extract flavor. Agave flourishes celebrate and honor founder Don Felipe’s most precious asset: his estate-grown agaves. Process icons detail the traditional production methods used by El Tesoro since its founding.

Don Felipe’s signature honors the knowledge, passion and methods that have been passed down through five generations and are still honored today by Master Distiller Carlos Camarena, the company says. And lastly, the batch number is included on every bottle to acknowledge that each distillation of El Tesoro has unique flavor and aroma characteristics due to the influence that the Jalisco climate and unique soil conditions have on agave harvests, it adds.

“We believe our practice of making tequila ‘the old-fashioned way’ allows us to craft the tequila we’re proud of — tequila that allows the full flavor of our estate-grown agave to shine through,” Camarena said in a statement. “My father’s signature is on each label, in honor of my grandfather and the tequila my family has created for generations.”