Icon Foods unveiled a new, all-natural sweetener line with KetoseSweet, KetoseSweet+, KetoseSweet+ with stevia and KetoseSweet+ with monk fruit. Naturally occurring in wheat, figs, raisins, jackfruit and more, allulose is a key ingredient in the KetoseSweet portfolio. Although allulose has the same molecular formula as fructose and glucose, it is not rapidly digested and absorbed. This makes the ingredient safe for diabetics and consumers who follow low-sugar or low-carb diets or those who have adopted a ketogenic lifestyle, the company says. Although the ingredient is comparable to erythritol in calorie delivery, KetoseSweet allulose does not present the cooling effect of erythritol, making it another option in many applications, including carbonated and non-carbonated beverages. Considered GRAS by the Food and Drug Administration, the synergistic allulose can be used on its own or in combination with other sweeteners, the company says. KetoseSweet allulose and KetoseSweet+ is available in 60-mesh or 100-mesh formats and well as syrups. The 100-mesh sweetener has a density comparable to 10X sugar.

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