Through their joint-venture, Nielsen, N.Y., and CGA Strategy, U.K., announced the launch of Check-Level Insights Pool (CLIP) data. The new data collecting program will provide transaction-level insights around sales performance in both chain and independent bars and restaurants across the U.S. beverage alcohol market, Nielsen CGA released in a statement.

Nielsen already is implementing on-and-off premise measurement services, however, CLIP data will dig even deeper. CLIP data is going to allow marketers to analyze on-premise sales of alcohol beverages at check-level transactions, the company says.

Gathering data on check-level insights allow Nielsen CGA to better help its clients understand the dynamics of their brand’s sales, on a day-to-day basis. CLIP data enables companies to gain purchase insights such as the average number of checks when their brands are purchased, the relationship of their brands to others, and how their brands perform on key occasions like Happy Hour, St. Patrick’s Day, Super Bowl Sunday, etc., Nielsen CGA says. CLIP data also intensifies Nielsen’s Advanced Analytics and Consulting practice capabilities, furthering the ability to assess the best promotion strategy, assortment optimization and the incrementality impacts of specific in-outlet activities for clients, it adds. CLIP data will accomplish this without revealing consumer-or-person-level data to the public.

“The on premise has never been more dynamic or competitive,” said Scott Elliot, senior vice president of Nielsen CGA, in a statement. “For marketers, knowing what is bought alongside their brands, what time of day their brand/category is purchased, how their brands perform on key events and key day parts are all crucial insights to navigating today’s marketplace. With this unrivaled market intelligence, and with a broader, total consumer mindset, brand marketers will be better positioned to make data-fueled decisions to know what the best next step forward could be.”

The first launch phase of CLIP data will cover alcohol-based drink sales. Coverage for non-alcohol offerings such as soft drinks and energy and food are planned for the future collection, the company says. Currently, CLIP data is collecting from 4,000 locations, with plans already in place to double the number of locations by the end of 2018.