Belvedere Vodka has released its newest edition: Ginger Zest. The company explains that they have crafted this blend of tangy ginger and juicy spring lemon, with a touch of grapefruit that is perfect for the warmer months ahead. Belvedere recognizes how few ginger-flavored vodkas are in the market right now, which is why it constructed this, the company adds. Made by extracting oils from fruit peels, fresh fruit, and other natural ingredients, then soaked in alcohol and distilled. Consumers will be able to purchase Belvedere Ginger Zest at select U.S. retailers in three different sizes. Ginger Zest is available in 750-ml bottles with a suggested retail price (SRP) of $29.99, 1-liter bottles with a SRP of $38.99, and a 1.75-liter bottle for a SRP of $49.99.

Belvedere Vodka, New York

Telephone: 212/251-8200


Distribution: Select markets