Infuse Your Life Health Inc. announced the launch of Soul: Cardiovascular Sparkling Water. The new beverage was designed to have direct health benefits on its consumers, according to the company. The company recognizes the growing number of consumers who have diabetes and increased deaths due to cardiovascular disease, which is what stemmed the creation, it adds. Soul was crafted for a variety of health benefits including promoting healthy glucose levels, stabilizing blood pressure, promoting healthy cholesterol levels, increased mental alertness, and repairing damaged cells by fighting free radicals, the company says. The healthy beverage comes in Ginger/Peach flavor and will be priced at $2.70 a can.

Infuse Your Life Health Inc., British Columbia, Canada

Telephone: 778/586-0500


Distribution: National

Ingredients: High mg levels of ginger, panax ginseng, black garlic, peach extract, glycerine, stevia, water