Launched in 2016 as the flavors business of Chromocell, FlavorHealth is the global leader in natural taste modulation. FlavorHealth’s proprietary discovery platform identifies novel taste modulators that are highly effective at boosting sensory perception. The platform enables robust high-throughput screening by relying on native taste receptors to find efficacious taste modulators. “The flavor compounds discovered through this process are much more effective than traditional flavor modulators,” says Christian Kopfli, FlavorHealth chief executive officer. “We do this with our Chromovert Technology and high-throughput screening, identifying natural compounds that are the foundation of our solutions. This is coupled with an upstream fractionation process of fruits, herbs, vegetables and grains, plus rapid sensory assessment to select the most effective compounds.”

FlavorHealth is committed to making a positive impact on public health and meeting consumer demand for “better-for-you” products, it says. Sugar and salt are widely used in prepared foods, but associated with obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Food manufacturers are searching for natural sugar- and salt-reduction solutions that enable the reformulation of products without compromising on great taste. Companies operating in the wellness and nutrition field, adding essential micronutrients or plant proteins like soy or pea protein to their products, often face issues with unwanted offnotes and poor taste profiles. FlavorHealth’s proprietary natural flavor portfolio can strongly reduce the offnotes associated with various micronutrients and plant proteins, the company says. This makes healthy foods and beverages taste great.

For example, the company’s SweetBrite portfolio is highly effective at enhancing sweetness perception on the tongue, allowing for significant reduction in sweetener usage and calories — all without the often-observed offnotes of natural solutions. Through innovation, technology and consumer insights, FlavorHealth offers game-changing natural solutions in the areas of sweet- and salt-enhancement, linger reduction, bitter balancing and protein masking solutions, it adds.

The entire discovery platform is geared toward a singular goal: tasty and healthful foods and beverages with substantial reductions in sugar, salt, sweet linger and bitterness, according to the company. FlavorHealth also offers its customers full product development and technical services, including adding tonalities. The company’s sensory operation, Gustatec, provides highly trained descriptive and discrimination sensory services to clients. FlavorHealth’s flavor enhancers are used by global food, beverage and ingredients companies and cutting-edge start-ups alike. As consumers demand both nutritious and flavorful choices, the industry must respond. FlavorHealth is here to help manufacturers navigate evolving trends for consumer success.

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