Matchaah Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Minneapolis-based Matchaah Holdings, announced that it has become a publicly traded company and is being traded on the over-the-counter financial market with the ticker symbol “MCHA.”

The company also plans to launch a second product, an Instant Latte, under its Matchaah brand this month. Matchaah has helped advance the matcha tea experience by bringing the tea to the masses in multiple flavors and convenient formats that do not require the traditional whisking or preparation needed for matcha tea, the company says.

The Matchaah Instant Latte is a ready-to-mix premium matcha tea drink that will be available in three flavors: Chai, Chocolate Chili Spice and Coconut. This is the second product anticipated to launch this summer, following the unveiling of Matchaah shots in May. The company plans to release more ready-to-drink and ready-to-mix matcha beverages throughout 2017 and 2018 at retailers, restaurants and coffee shops nationwide, it says.

"Our beverages make it easy for anyone to choose a healthier drink option" said Paul Henson, chief executive officer and founder of Matchaah, in a statement. "When I discovered matcha tea, I fell in love with the daily ritual that brought my family together and the functional and nutritional benefits of matcha tea. I wanted to share those benefits with everyone, and since most people do not have time for a lengthy tea process, I set out to find convenient ways to make matcha tea more accessible and create a full line of great-tasting and convenient products. I wanted to create different flavor experiences that would entice non-tea drinkers and give current matcha tea drinkers a new experience."

Matcha tea is known for containing antioxidants, natural caffeine and high levels of L-theanine, the company says. Matchaah shots currently are available at a select retailers in the Midwest and on Amazon, and the new instant latte will be available at the same retailers this month.  A store locator is under development and is expected to be available at in the coming months.