Korbel California Champagne, a brand of Guerneville, Calif.-based Korbel Champagne Cellars, is celebrating the spirit of summer with the release of its new, limited-edition bottle wrap inspired by the season. The “Poolside” bottle wrap features a vibrant design of blue waves, the company says.

Two hues of aqua blue create a wavelike design, painting a picture of water flowing around the bottle. The Korbel logo on a white label pops against the blue background and is topped with a bright white capsule wrap, it adds.

Along with a look fit for summer, Korbel's "Poolside" packaging reflects the sophisticated essence of the award-winning California Champagne inside the bottle, according to the company. Korbel Extra Dry is light and luscious with flavors of bright citrus and vanilla, and pairs well with summertime dishes like salads with fruit-based dressings or spicy foods with cilantro, ginger or chilies, it adds. In addition, the balanced and fruit-forward style of Extra Dry can be a summertime cocktail companion, such as for topping off any classic craft cocktail, it notes. As with all Korbel's expressions, it's made using the time-honored méthode champenoise.

Limited cases were produced of the special "Poolside" bottle of Korbel California Extra Dry. The summer package now is hitting shelves in select retail locations with a suggested retail price of $13.99 for a 750-ml bottle.