The Patrón Spirits Co., New York, will celebrate the versatility of tequila this summer by shaking up the way consumers enjoy seasonal cocktails. 

Through Labor Day, Patrón literally will pedal into local concerts, culinary events and festivals across the U.S. with its nuanced Patrón the Summer cocktail experience. This uniquely designed bar-on-wheels will allow consumers to engage with a highly customized touchscreen interface that will help serve up Patrón cocktails tailored to their tastes, the company says. 

Across the Atlantic, a specially designed Patrón the Summer airstream will travel the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, delivering Patrón summer cocktails crafted by celebrated local bartenders in each town.

In advance of this summer's tour, Patrón conducted extensive research that analyzed consumer behavior in 100 markets across the world. Using insights gathered from FourSquare and social media listening tools, the team identified patterns around the most commonly ordered drinks. 

From there, the brand crafted 30 new tequila cocktails using a range of Patrón expressions; all of which are designed to match the preferences of the respective markets where Patrón will visit this the summer, the company says. Each cocktail has a story about its inspiration, how it evolved and the data behind it. The cocktails will be available at each festival and for home-bartenders online via

"The thirst for handcrafted, ultra-premium tequila is thriving across the globe," said Lee Applbaum, global chief marketing officer at Patrón Spirits, in a statement. "While many summer cocktails are traditionally created with white spirits such as vodka or rum, tequila has a versatile flavor profile that enhances those cocktails in a new way. Consumers and bartenders alike are broadening their appreciation for the agave flavor of tequila and mixing cocktails that are different and reflective of their own backgrounds and taste preferences.  This summer, we took a close look at local cocktails and why they are so beloved by their communities, putting our Patrón spin on them around the globe."

The Patrón the Summer experience will come to life at local festivals around the country, blending each region's heritage with the latest in on-site cocktail technology. At each event, guests will be greeted with Patrón's custom, interactive touchscreen ordering system and by answering a series of questions in the form of a "Quizlet," the interface will help them determine their perfect drink. Bartenders will then guide guests to an interactive GIF booth where they can capture their summer moments and share recipes via social media and email as well.

For consumers who cannot attend one of this summer's events, the Patrón Bot-Tender, a chatbot bartender service available via PatronTequila.comFacebook Messenger and Twitter direct message, will connect users with the cocktail prowess and expert recommendations of Patrón's own Managers of Trade Education & Mixology: David Alan and Stephen Halpin. Users will be able to converse with the Bot-Tender and receive custom summer cocktail recommendations depending on their environment and taste preference at any given moment. 

Each event and at-home integration is an extension of the Patrón Cocktail Lab, a feature on Patrón's website. Patrón Cocktail Lab is a library of hundreds of different recipes developed by Patrón's in-house team as well as bartenders around the world. Thanks to an interactive interface, Patrón Cocktail Lab tailors recommendations to each visitor to the site. Consumers ages 21 and older can visit Patrón Cocktail Lab and find recipes for new and classic cocktails, and everything in between.